What is lampworking ?

Glass rods are melted and wound on a mandrel. This glass comes in long rods and their diameters range,not usually exceeding a quarter inch for bead making. The glass begins to move at around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the glass is workable (it can be shaped or molded) at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many different tools used in flameworking, usually made of stainless steel or graphite. Graphite tools are used because they don't stick to the hot glass. Stainless steel tools will stick to hot glass while in the flame, however, they are very effective in shaping glass when properly used. Each of the glass beads are individually flameworked (torch-blown) and properly kiln-annealed overnight.
What is kiln-annealed ?

By annealing the glass beads, they are guaranteed hard as rocks, durable enough for everyday wear with long lasting heirloom quality. When a glass bead is finished, the hot bead (while still on the mandrel), is placed in a kiln heated at 960°F. The annealing process releases the stress from the glass and slowly cools the beads down to room temperature. Cooling the glass beads too quickly will cause them to crack.
How do I care for sterling silver ?

Sterling silver is prone to tarnishing when it is exposed to the open air, expecially when humidity is high. The best way to protect your sterling silver jewelry from tarnish is to store your jewelry in air tight containers. Plastic bags are commonly used and they store well in a jewelry box. Sterling silver is also a soft metal and it can be scratched. Store your jewelry away from other jewelry pieces by placing them in separate plastic bags. This will also protect other materials such as your pearls and other soft metals or stones. Gold fill can also tarnish and can be cared for in the same way.
How do I care for my glass jewelry ?
All of my fused glass has been properly annealed for strength, so it is surprisingly tough. Ultimately, though, it is glass, so care should be taken not to drop it. All of the necklace findings (the metal functional bits – clasp, chain, etc.) are sterling silver plated, sterling or fine silver, so they will tarnish over time.  Just a quick cleansing with a silver-polishing cloth will brighten them right up. Unless, of course, the silver is oxidized, in which case just leave it be!  To clean the fused glass itself, just wipe gently with a soft cloth.
Can I create a custom design ? 
Yes, most designs can be made in glass. Please contact me for more information regarding custom work. 
DICHROIC SHEET GLASS-  Black and clear

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