Dichroic Glass Jewelry

            Dichroic glass jewelry comes in several styles from bracelets and necklaces to earrings and pendants. But this special glass is also used to make home décor, candle bridges, wall ornaments and things of that nature. It is a very creative art to take such an obscure item and transform it into something so unique and repeatedly different. No two dichroic jewelry pieces are the same. This is the great thing about the dichroic glass. Not only is it beautiful from every angle, but you can be sure that your dichroic jewelry is 100% unique.

            They make great gifts and there is one to go with every type of outfit. Dichroic glass jewelry is a long-lasting addition to any jewelry collection and even adds some earthy flair wherever you wear it. Whether it is in your hair, on your wrist or around your neck, the uniqueness of dichroic glass will surely make you stand out at a party or at the mall. Why not spice up your style with some beautiful dichroic jewelry?

Linda Larson is an entrepreneur in the dichroic glass industry and dazzles customers with her beautiful arrangements of dichroic glass jewelry. From cutting to kilning, she works through the process of making each piece as unique and gorgeous as the last. Beyond Beadz is your one stop shop for any and every style of dichroic glass. Try something new and check out Linda Larson’s wearable art glass at Beyond Beadz.

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